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Convergex’s global portfolio and exchange-traded fund (ETF) service provides execution in over 100 global market centres, 24x6. With desks located in New York and London, Convergex provides strategies for passively managed, enhanced indexed, and structured multi-asset class portfolios including equities, US exchange-listed options, ETFs, and ADRs/GDRs.

Liquidity sourcing

The portfolio trading desk leverages Convergex’s
darkest algorithm that is designed to dynamically source liquidity from over 20
non-displayed ATSs while maintaining anonymity.

Capital commitment

provides brokerage services primarily on an agency basis, but may operate in a
riskless principal and/or net trading capacity, and in connection with certain
ETF transactions, may act as principal or engage in hedging strategies with
such transactions. Convergex does not engage in market making or investment
banking activities.


Convergex’s client-focused quantitative analytics
are designed by the financial engineering and advanced trading solutions team.
Its pre-trade reports provide market impact estimates on each trade and the
post-trade reports offer an in-depth analysis of execution performance against
a variety of benchmarks.

ETF capabilities

As an authorised participant for major ETF fund
families, Convergex offers enhanced liquidity through the creation/redemption

Future plans

Convergex global portfolio and ETF execution team continues to build out the firm’s global execution capabilities in emerging and frontier markets. In addition, as the ETF market matures, Convergex is increasingly designing new and innovative ETF solutions for clients.