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Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse

Khaleel Mohideen,Managing Director, Head of Program Trading,Asia Pacific Email: Tel: +852 2101 6209

Credit Suisse takes a holistic approach to all aspects of program trading (PT) and has a team of 19 PT professionals and eight quantitative analysts working in three central hubs: Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo. Credit Suisse offers custom portfolio strategies such as index relative, sector relative and close-shot together with advanced algorithms. Credit Suisse market share for these index events and rebalances across major Asia Pacific indices has been as much as 60%. The company is also one of the major exchange-traded fund (ETF) market makers in the region, and this business accounts for 30% of its PT flows.

Liquidity access

Credit Suisse offers access to liquidity in Asia Pacific via Lighthouse – a shared application across its equities platform that monitors trading flows and crossing opportunities – and Crossfinder, the biggest internalisation engine in the region.

Client coverage

Long-only and alternative investors rely on Credit Suisse for execution across index events and rebalances, portfolio trades, ETF market-making, transition management and outbound trading from Asia Pacific into developed markets elsewhere in the world.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Credit Suisse offers Edge, a portfolio analysis tool that helps clients track index changes and M&A deals, analyse execution performance and cash-flows, back-test pairs, find hedges and screen ETFs globally. The company also provides a transaction cost analysis tool called ExPRT and helps clients analyse their flows with Credit Suisse by assessing their algorithm selection, trading style, trade timing and alpha progression.

Future plans

Credit Suisse plans to enhance its client offering in the ETF market, and grow its transition management business. The company cites its agency-only execution approach, coupled with the Extended Fiduciary and ISLC offerings, as key components in its plan for transition management.