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Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has a team of 15 program trading (PT) professionals and three quantitative analysts working in three central hubs: Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo. Credit Suisse offers agency-program trading, program-trading facilitation, exchange-traded fund (ETF) creation/redemption, custom-baskets and execution advisory.

Credit Suisse offers execution across index-rebalances, portfolio trades, ETF market-making and outbound trading from Asia-Pacific into global developed markets and is actively involved in market-making local and global-listed ETFs with Asian-underlying. The firm offers creation/redemption across a wide range of ETF products in the region and offers exchange for physical pricing to clients.


Credit Suisse offers access to liquidity in Asia-Pacific
via Crossfinder. With over US$500 million per day on average being crossed in
the region, Crossfinder is the largest dark pool in Asia. Recent enhancements
to the firm’s Advanced Execution Services algorithms to optimise interaction
with Crossfinder has resulted in greater liquidity for the firm’s cash equities


Edge is a portfolio analysis tool that helps
clients track index changes and merger and acquisition deals, analyse execution
performance and cash-flows, back-test pairs, find hedges and screen ETFs

Capital commitment

Credit Suisse provides capital commitment across
disclosed and non-disclosed portfolios with intra-day snap quote, guaranteed
market on open, close, previous close and VWAP.


Credit Suisse offers a settlement process for
global and onshore execution. Its strong franchise across Asia-Pacific provides
local expertise and support on the ground.

Future plans

Credit Suisse continues to invest in its
program-trading infrastructure with faster and robust trading and
order-management systems. It is focused in providing an integrated solution
across PT and Delta One products when it comes to portfolio exposure via agency
program-trading, ETFs, custom-baskets, index and sector products.