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Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

Service overview

Bank’s execution consulting services team complement clients’ decision making
processes with pre-trade execution tools, intra-trade alerts, execution advice
and bespoke post-trade analysis.

The analysis is presented by execution consultants
with knowledge of the Deutsche Bank Autobahn platform and regional market
structure. The analysis offers a customised view of trade performance and lays
for strategy usage and future algorithmic customisation.



Research and analytics

the Autobahn App Market, clients have access to a broad spectrum of Deutsche
Bank content.

well as the full suite of Deutsche Bank research, the App Market offers
technical data, periodicals and trader commentary. Global execution research is
available on topics including electronic and algorithmic execution, regulation,
market structure, quantitative research, transaction cost analysis and bespoke
execution consulting analysis.


Analytics helps clients to optimise trade performance, enabling the bank to
offer custom, multi-dimensional analysis of individual trades and longer-terms
aggregate trading performance. This includes pre-trade impact estimation,
post-trade analytics using industry standard and custom benchmarks, as well as
customised order aggregation.



solutions – from trading strategies to bespoke analysis, reports, alerts and the
identification of trading patterns – are all adapted to client-specific
requirements. Deutsche Bank’s sophisticated algorithms offer customisable
parameters and system agnostic solutions to suit clients individual trading


Client support

analytics and execution consulting service content is delivered through
standard content formats including HTML, PDF and Microsoft Excel, with
customised formats and delivery methods available on request.

addition, dedicated specialists with a deep understanding of strategy
performance, trading style and order optimisation are available in every major
trading hub for advice and support.

electronic execution sales trading team are supported by dedicated analytics,
quant and market structure teams.