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Fidessa's TCA provides a post-trade solution that combines consulting services and high performance technology. It is broker-neutral and provides independent analysis. The TCA solution is fully integrated in Fidessa's trading platform and provides comprehensive pre-defined and customer configurable reports. Performance and slippage can be measured by grouping transactions into various breakdowns including, but not limited to, portfolio manager, trading desk, broker, and execution venue, allowing clients to compare broker algorithms, among other usages. The dynamic solution allows clients to create their own output, slice their data and display it graphically. Fidessa's TCA reports can be tailored for the needs of different users whether it is management, trading desk or compliance department.

Asset classes and markets

Fidessa’s TCA solution covers equities and uses the comprehensive global market data that is available through our global ticker plants.

Transaction data

Execution details are captured at both the order and transaction level from Fidessa’s trading platform. Due to the high level of integration with the trading platform, a complete audit trail of the order can be taken into account to provide an enhanced level of analysis. In order to support non-Fidessa trading platform clients, the firm can also accept data from third-party order and execution management systems.


Offers volatility and trading difficulty characteristics, VWAP and implementation shortfall based benchmarks and foot-print analysis, in addition to a number of bespoke Fidessa benchmarks.

Reporting options

Provides an interactive user interface. Intraday and historical analysis is available with a number of pre-defined reports dependent on the individual user as well as the option to generate and export user-defined reports. The historical capability enables the client to quickly find patterns and help evaluate and reduce transaction costs. The user can drill down to obtain maximum granularity as well as keep the results on a high level.

Consultancy services

A fully flexible range of consultancy services can be tailored to an individual user’s requirements.

Pre-trade analysis

Offers over 50 pre-trade analytics including market impact and risk estimates. Future plans Developing real-time capabilities and TCA to monitor latency for highfrequency trading.

Future plans

Developing real-time
capabilities and TCA to
monitor latency for highfrequency