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Fixnetix provides an ultra low-latency direct-feed solution covering every tick and the full-depth of book. Market data is processed with the closely proximity to venue matching engines and exchange native raw data is available in addition to multi formal normalised data.

The low-latency market data service operates on Fixnetix’s 10gigabit network. The fully managed solution can be installed at the client’s site or via a Fixnetix hosted location. Reduced latency is achieved by improving legacy data aggregation, formatting, distribution and communication.


Pricing is based on factors including market,
volume and whether raw, normalised or bundled with hosting and risk control,
through FPGA or software for instance.


The service is fully customisable for raw trading
venue market data.


The service includes an FPGA strategic alliance for
market data.


Deliver options available include fibre, microwave,
milliwave. Customers can access market data through a fully managed service
offering and a complete suite from colocation to matching engine to trade.

Future plans

Fixnetix intends to offer normalised feeds in the
US, Asia and Latin America.