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FlexTCA is a comprehensive transaction cost analysis system that offers real-time and historical transaction cost analysis for both portfolios and single stocks.

It is configured to handle global equity, FX as well as some derivatives in the Americas, EMEA and Asia. Transaction data comes in from the FlexTRADER execution management system and client order management systems. All market data is available from feeds such as Reuters and Bloomberg and also can be user provided or manually entered.


Standard benchmarks include: open, close, VWAP and
previous close. The system will display the sources of trading costs in
real-time and historically, from standards such as impact, opportunity cost and
implementation shortfall to in-demand tick-based figures such as “windowed”
weighted average prices and cost attributions.

Reporting & consultancy

Reporting options are available real-time in csv,
excel and pdf formats. There are options to see all orders, summaries (by
broker, broker algo, trader, etc.) via multiple benchmarks. It also can value
the portfolios and stocks with the currency conversion. FlexTrade provides a 5
½ x 24 hour support desk staffed by a team of experienced software developers
and engineers.

Pre-trade analysis

FlexTCA runs pre-trade analysis to estimate costs
and provide an optimised strategy prior to entering the market. The application
shows how the trader has historically traded that stock (summarised by broker,
algo, etc). In addition the trader sees how orders of similar characteristics
have been traded by the firm.

Future plans

FlexTrade has recently expanded FlexTCA to cover FX securities