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FlexTrade Systems

FlexTrade Systems

FlexTRADER is a fully customisable EMS with pre-defined trading strategies and tactics for portfolio, sector and single-stock trading.
The platform provides organically-developed pretrade, real-time and post-trade analytics as well as risk and cost optimised portfolio trade scheduling (FlexPTS); integration with major OMSs; bunching of orders and complex real-time allocations; listed and OTC smart order routing; a dark pool router; a fully-integrated complex event processing engine; commission management; complete transaction and indications of interest quality management (FlexTQM); and a dynamic strategy matrix. Asset classes supported by FlexTRADER include equities, foreign exchange, options and futures.
FlexTrade provides a full team of support and development personnel to work with a client’s project management staff to implement and integrate the EMS with OMS, or enterprise resource planning systems.
The system supports FIX 4.4. FIXatdl will be in use in a few months.
FlexTrade levies a one-time installation charge for FlexTRADER with monthly minimums and yearly maximums based on the number of users, location, usage modules, etc.

Asia-specific features

The EMS is programmable and can therefore be easily customised to meet regional idiosyncrasies, according to FlexTrade. The firm now has more than 15 live clients trading across all major Asian markets.

Support is available 5 1/2 x 24 hours through local offices in Asia (Singapore), Europe and the US.

Connectivity and access

Global equities, FX, options and futures are available through all primary exchanges, leading electronic communications networks and alternative trading systems.

FlexTrade provides access to the algorithms of more than 100 broker-dealers.

FlexTRADER can be implemented onsite or as a fully-hosted global application service provider solution via data centres in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, London, Paris, and Singapore.

Algorithm support

From user acceptance testing to production, it usually takes two weeks to complete a broker FIX certification.

Transaction cost analysis

FlexTRADER provides comprehensive portfolio analytics that direct strategies based on historical and realtime information, such as volume profiles, volatility, spread liquidity and market conditions. Comprehensive post-trade analysis is also available.

Other services

Additional services offered include an application programming interface, position management, risk management, options trading and trade allocation systems integration.