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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

The Asian hub of the Goldman Sachs Global Portfolio Trading Team is located in Hong Kong. The team connects with counterparts in the Americas and EMEA to provide 24-hour global coverage for institutional clients. It distinguishes itself by its global coverage models as well as integration for One Delta execution including program trading (PT), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), synthetics and futures. Also, the firm seeks to maximise liquidity across its global platform and offers advanced trading and risk management tools.

Goldman Sachs has one of the broadest footprints among international brokers as participating dealers/authorised participants of ETFs in the Asia-Pacific region, covering Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. The firm provides agency and in-kind creation/redemption services where regulations and operating guidelines allow.


Goldman Sachs sources liquidity across its One
Delta franchise before reaching the market, to minimise impact and to ensure


The company provides detailed pre-trade and
post-trade analytics to its clients, focusing on market impact and liquidity
across clients’ trade lists. It also provides sector flows and global macro
research ideas to PT clients. The firm’s sales strategists can provide detailed
quantitative analysis on market themes or trading strategies.

The Global Portfolio
Trading Team works closely with Goldman Sachs’ Transition Sales Team (the
latter being walled-off) on transition projects that involve equities and ETFs.
The transition sales team provides global and multi-asset transition management
capabilities for clients.

Capital commitment

The company’s facilitation traders commit capital
to help clients meet various trading benchmarks or strategies including GVWAP,
GMOC, GMOO and one risk price.


In line with Goldman Sachs’ global distribution
structure, clients can benefit from global coverage on trading and settlement.