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InfoReach – InfoReach TMS

InfoReach – InfoReach TMS

The InfoReach Trade Management System (TMS) brings together all the functionality for global multi-asset, simplified aggregated order management, portfolio management, FIX connectivity, risk-control, compliance and post-trade functions.

It incorporates into internal and third-party systems and data systems and is configurable and flexible. InfoReach provides customer support across all time-zones. Functional support and configuration questions are not separately charged and InfoReach has developed its own support system, Glue.


The InfoReach TMS includes order management system
(OMS) functionality and execution functionality, which are integrated. It has
especially rich functionality for complex portfolio and algorithmic trading,
such as pre-, in- and post-trade transaction cost analysis (TCA).

The TMS is also connected to the InfoReach FIX Network
(IFN), which connects to more than 200 venues and is integrated with almost 500
broker algorithms.

InfoReach offers on-site instalment and hosted solutions
and charges monthly licensing fees.


The TMS consolidates and stores data and
performance in a central repository and includes a user interface. It automates
and configures daily reports and manages critical data points and reference


The OMS works seamlessly with our execution
management system and other internal and external systems and allocation,
reporting and commission management can be configured in a bespoke manner, with
quick implementation.

Future plans

InfoReach is currently extending the allocation
functionality and TCA functionality for complex multi-asset portfolios.