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Instinet offers a suite of high-touch to high-frequency electronic trading services, including agency-only sales trading, the Newport 3 execution management system, global algorithmic trading/direct market access, a trade analytics platform and eight alternative trading systems.

Asset classes and markets

Instinet’s Insight TCA platform supports equity analysis for almost all developed and emerging markets and is currently being expanded to include options and futures analysis.


Clients can configure benchmarks in a number of ways to evaluate market impact, price momentum, reversion and opportunity cost. Pre-trade estimates and market adjustments can also be included. Benchmarks include:

• Daily benchmarks: open, high, low, close, full day VWAP;

• Quote/tick based benchmarks;

• Interval benchmarks including Interval VWAP, TWAP and participation weighted average price. Also included are high, low, high-low average;

• User-defined benchmark prices; and

• Price improvement and spread capture metrics.

Reporting options

Insight can report in real-time or any user-defined time period, whether intra-day or historical. Each visual module of Insight allows clients to group and aggregate trade data across market cap, liquidity, sector, region and other key categories.

Consultancy services

Instinet provides a team of specialists that use Instinet’s full range of trading tools and analytics to consult with clients to ensure they achieve their investment objectives.

Pre-trade analysis

Insight PreTrade allows traders to evaluate both baskets and single stocks. Cost estimates are based on Instinet’s proprietary Global Market Impact Model. Insight PreTrade can generate cost estimates based on the full trading day or the optimal trade horizon, adjustable for risk tolerance. Visualisation tools highlight trading hot spots while detailed reports provide a view of cost and liquidity according to chosen characteristics.

Future plans

Instinet is working to add options and futures support, as well as multi-legged instrument analysis, to Insight.