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Instinet Insight is an analytical toolkit designed to guide clients through the trading process. PreTrade, RealTime and PostTrade tools can be used individually or collaboratively to help define optimal strategies, monitor trading progress in real-time, analyse trends to inform future decisions and support increased communication and coordination across clients' organisations.

Asset classes and markets

Insight is a fully global, broker-neutral product, covering over 40 markets across EMEA, Asia and the Americas. Currently, Insight supports equities analysis.

Transaction data

PostTrade can analyse transaction data down to the fill-level and generate unbiased analysis across all executing brokers. Datasets can include time stamps representing events such as portfolio manager decision, trader arrival and broker placement so clients can identify where slippage occurred during the investment process.


-Daily: open, close, full day VWAP
-Quote/Tick-based: bid, ask, next/last tick, mid bid/ask, sell bid/buy ask
-Interval: VWAP (option to exclude out-of-limit volume or your print size from the calculation), TWAP, participation weighted average price (PWAP).
-Cost estimates, market adjustments
-Custom benchmarks

Reporting options

RealTime provides instantaneous feedback on orders. Portfolio and fills charts can identify opportunities clients can react to while trading, while heat maps highlight venues that provide the best liquidity. PostTrade reports can be generated historically or intraday. Clients can evaluate performance versus a variety of benchmarks.

Consultancy services

Instinet works closely with clients to ensure that their trading workflow is accurately modelled. By combining a clear understanding of clients’ goals and industry best practices, it is able to set up clients with meaningful reports and tools, and seamlessly integrate Insight into their workflow.

Pre-trade analysis

Insight PreTrade uses Instinet’s proprietary global risk and market impact models to provide a comprehensive view of cost and liquidity characteristics. PreTrade allows clients to identify optimal strategies and factors that contribute to performance at both the portfolio and single stock level.

Future plans

Instinet is making enhancements that enable users to more effectively evaluate their algorithms and trading destinations, adding benchmarks designed specifically for dark pool analysis. Users can now benchmark against European consolidated prices. Instinet continually enhances market data quality and coverage, as global markets evolve and fragment.