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Instinet’s powerful suite of transaction cost analytics (TCA) and visualisation tools is designed to guide users through all phases of the investment cycle. The suite’s three components – Indigo, Insight, and TradeSpex – work together to define optimal execution strategies, monitor trades in real-time and analyse completed orders.

Asset classes and markets

Instinet’s analytics suite supports equity analysis
for 64 markets and is currently being expanded to include options and futures

Transaction data

Order and trade-level transaction information can
be routed to Insight through any execution management system/order management
system (including Instinet’s Newport 3 EMS) or direct FIX. Automated processes
can be set up to integrate Insight into a client’s daily workflow.


Clients can configure benchmarks in a number of
ways to evaluate market impact, price momentum, reversion and opportunity cost.
Pre-trade estimates and market adjustments can also be included. Benchmarks
include daily, quote/tick based, interval, high-low average, and user-defined

Reporting options

Instinet’s analytics platforms can report in
real-time or any user-defined time period, whether intraday or historical. Each
easy-to-use, visual module offered in the suite allows clients to group and
aggregate trade data across market cap, liquidity, sector, region and other key

Consultancy services

Instinet has a team of execution specialists
proficient in the firm’s full range of trading tools and analytics to consult
with clients.

Pre-trade analysis

Instinet’s Indigo and TradeSpex platforms allow
traders to evaluate both baskets and single stocks. The platforms can generate
cost estimates based on the full trading day or the optimal trade horizon. Advanced
visualisation tools highlight trading hot spots while detailed reports provide
a comprehensive view of cost and liquidity according to their chosen

Future plans

Instinet is working to broaden support for
non-equities asset classes.