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ITG’s Triton is a global, broker-neutral EMS that enables buy-side traders to send orders efficiently and quickly to whichever market, broker or algorithm they choose. Triton includes advanced pre and post trade tools and algorithms to automate trading strategies and improve performance.


Triton supports FIX versions 4.0 and 4.2. Through Triton, buy-side traders can access over 600 Asia Pacific algorithmic destinations from over 80 brokers. This includes ITG’s own algorithms and POSIT Marketplace.

Market data

ITG’s Triton is integrated with market data from Reuters and Bloomberg.

Routing and trading venues

Triton offers access to 16 Asian markets, over 80 brokers and 600 different trading destinations. This includes stock exchanges, alternative trading venues, dark pools (including ITG’s POSIT dark pool) and algorithms. In addition, Triton clients have access to ITG’s POSIT Marketplace dark liquidity aggregator which currently links eight of Asia Pacific’s largest dark liquidity pools and delivers an average of 13bps of price improvement on all trades.

In Asia Pacific, clients are able to access smart order routing tools from ITG or other brokers in suitable markets.

Future updates

Triton is supported by ITG’s connectivity network ITG Net, which connects to over 500 brokers and 350 buy-side firms globally. New functionality includes settlement aggregation to reduce settlement costs in a fragmented trading environment, as well as execution reports that track broker and algorithm usage/ performance to enable likefor- like comparison.