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ITG has five distinct listed futures algorithms which include: ITG Dynamic Implementation Shortfall (ITG DIS), a list-based trading algorithm that combines equity trading with futures for both portfolio management and hedging purposes; ITG RaiderTM Algorithm, which adapts to volatile market movements and takes advantage of opposite-side liquidity; ITG TWAP Algorithm, the time-weighted average price which works orders over a given time period, spreading trades along a linear distribution; ITG Float Algorithm, a synthetic peg order type with advanced order parameters for customisation; and ITG Reserve Algorithm, a synthetic reserve/iceberg order type with advanced order parameters for customisation.



ITG’s futures algorithms leverage the company’s
expertise in equity algorithmic trading, utilising a front-end based plug-in to
create and trade future rolls and provide seamless integration with ITG’s
Triton system. Additionally, ITG DIS uses multi-asset optimisation to equitise
cash while trading portfolios.

Support services

ITG algorithms offer advanced setting customisation
for all algorithms.

Access routes

Clients can access the listed futures algorithms
via the ITG frontends Triton and Triton Derivatives.


Over the next 12 months ITG plans to further expand
the algorithmic suite and build out global capabilities.