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Javelin SEF offers customers dedicated liquidity, market transparency and a broad choice of execution for interest rate products. The platform’s anonymous central limit order book provides firm and actionable prices and a high degree of market transparency to customers as well the ability to interact with prices. Its customisable request-for-quote functionality gives users the option to request quotes anonymously or send direct enquiries to get the best possible price and respect existing relationships.


Javelin is focused on interest rate swaps and
spreads across the major currencies.

Javelin’s was the first SEF to submit a ‘made available to
trade’ application with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which
covers the most liquidity points of the US dollar and euro interest rate


Javelin is an ‘all-to-all’, open access platform
which supports a sponsored access model. It offers a solution for every type of
participant with equal levels of access, market transparency and pricing
regardless of participant size or structure.


Since receiving CFTC approval Javelin has executed
over US$5 billion notional of IRS. Current participants cover a wide spectrum
of institutions across both buy-side and sell-side. Javelin has on-boarded some
of the largest liquidity providers in the market and receives streaming prices
for all the benchmark points on the curve.


Javelin receives pre-trade ‘pushed’ limits from
numerous futures commission merchants and has credit hub connectivity.
Post-trade, Javelin supports real-time acceptance into clearing and post-trade
work flow via direct connectivity or third party vendors.

Future plans

Javelin will continue to develop its product offering and functionality.
This will include adding more dedicated liquidity, more currencies, more
products, including to both its central limit order book and request-for-quote