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Linedata Trader+ is a trading platform that offers pretrade compliance, flexible workspace, execution management and integrated workflow. Linedata TraderI uses embedded partner algorithms through Linedata’s Liquidity Alliance Program.

Linedata Trader+ offers a trade blotter that is designed to streamline the trading process with electronic trading functionality for multiple asset types, advanced trading tools, compliance, market data and global connectivity in one system.


Linedata supports FIX versions 4.0, 4.2 and 4.4. Currently 30+ global broker algorithms are available through Linedata’s product suite.

Market data

Linedata is integrated with market data vendors including Bloomberg, IDC, Thomson Reuters, FactSet and Telekurs.

Routing and trading venues

Linedata offers access to 400+ global brokers, including program, cash and DMA destinations; access to broker algorithms, dark pools and crossing networks across broad range of asset classes via brokers and systems throughout Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and India.

The firm offers enhanced trading capabilities through Linedata Trader+ and broker partnerships.