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Morgan Stanley

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Morgan Stanley’s Asian portfolio trading team consists of 19 dedicated professionals with an average of 8.75 years of portfolio trading experience. Portfolio trading teams service clients from all major Asian financial hubs including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Singapore and Taiwan.
Global coordination within the wider portfolio trading team is a key value of the service. Morgan Stanley’s Portfolio Trading platform has direct access to 99.7% of the world’s stock market capitalisation.
Morgan Stanley introduces MS PORT, a unique trading algorithm that enables traders to implement multiple portfolio level instructions, such as risk neutralisation and cash balancing, resulting in better overall execution and risk management. Unlike single stock algorithms, MS PORT optimises execution at the portfolio level by taking into account correlations among assets, as well as volatility and projected market impact. It supports equities, futures and exchange-traded funds globally.

Liquidity access

Morgan Stanley offers dark liquidity venues in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney. The firm is also connected to every alternative trading venue in Asia including Chi- East, Chi-X Global and ASX CentrePoint.

Client coverage

Sovereign wealth funds, asset managers, super funds, pension funds and hedge funds use the PT desk. The style and investment strategy of Morgan Stanley’s global account base is very diverse and encompasses model driven, cash flow, rebalance and large strategic strategies.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Morgan Stanley Analytics is a stand-alone web-based tool for internal and external users to run portfolio analytics. It provides a pre-trade overview of a portfolio or single name trade, along with detailed post-trade analysis. Pre-trade reporting includes data on market impact, liquidity demand, historical tracking, and projected risk. An exhaustive list of analytical reporting is provided (risk bid, pre-trade, risk attribution reports).

Future plans

In 2012 Morgan Stanley will bring the emerging markets further into focus for our group and will look to establish itself as the premier global emerging market player in this space.