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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Electronic Trading (MSET) focuses on quantitative and qualitative analysis, meeting clients’ needs and market research on functionality. Development follows a continuous integration model including programming, coupled with a process of review, quality assurance, back testing and simulation. 


Morgan Stanley’s key priorities are to further
enhance the MSET platform to handle even larger trading volume at higher speeds
and to further improve risk management functionality.

The main technical
challenge to the firm’s next generation of products is handling multiple
demanding requirements including delivering algos that are flexible and
customisable for specific client needs, delivered with a swift time to market.

The firm seeks to
ensure stability and scalability of its products in order to handle large
trading volume in volatile markets using rigorous risk checks and controls. 


MSET has developed a bespoke platform that is used
to respond to specific market events in a direct manner.

MSET clients are interested in using customised strategies
to automate manual tasks, such as combining different strategies into a single
custom strategy and taking advantage of market signals that may not be
immediately accessible through standard algorithms. 


MSET seeks to
find highly technical individuals including experts in modern, large-scale
software engineering with a focus on distributed systems that have an
understanding of Morgan Stanley’s systems and clients’ needs.

Morgan Stanley has a global algorithm development team
with a significant Asia presence. MSET is able to leverage strategies and
models from all regions. MSET customises the global platform for specific Asian
market microstructures and actively seeks client feedback in Asia to guide the
algorithm development process.