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As an independently operated technology company, Neovest provides a global multi-asset, multi-broker, broker-neutral electronic trading platform.

It provides trading tools for single-instrument, pairs, portfolio, and spread trading together with pre-, post-, and in-trade analytics.

The combination of ETB integration, locates, multi-prime support, allocation and risk controls provides for a seamless electronic workflow. Added market data architecture, technical analysis, filtering, and relevant trade content coupled with global proximity solution data centres, provides resiliency and reliability for mission critical systems.


Neovest is a single source of global liquidity access to exchanges, ECNs, broker algo product suites, crossing networks, dark pools, IOIs, and delivers routing to over 300 brokers. The product supports FIX versions 4.0 to 4.4. It also provides access to 30 different broker algo suites with access to over 100 individual algos

Market data

Market data is included with the application and is sourced primarily from direct feeds from the exchanges.

Routing and trading venues

Neovest provides connectivity and routing to all major Asian markets across equities and futures.

Smart order routing is available through brokers supported on the Neovest broker network of over 300 brokers.

Future updates

Neovest continues to expand its product breadth and reach based on client needs and strategic vision, which results in three major new product releases each year.