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Object Trading

Object Trading

Object Trading offers buy-side and sell-side firms the technology that provides a single gateway for connecting to global trading venues. The company’s FrontRunner suite provides direct market access for all trading desks and systems, enabling firms to build scalable trading solutions and focus on innovation by decoupling order generation from market access infrastructure.


More than half
of the top tier banks globally use FrontRunner, which supports more than US$100
billion in notional value traded on a daily basis. Object Trading is connected
to equity, derivative and FX exchanges for both market data and order routing,
with offices in London, New York, Chicago and Sydney. It connects to more than
60 exchanges for market data and order routing.

Risk management

FrontRisk supports integrated, low-latency
pre-trade and at-trade risk constraints with easy integration to external systems.

Pre-trade services

FrontTrade provides fast, scalable and reliable
order management for clients and/or trading gateways on all major derivatives
and cash equity markets. The software is designed for highly configurable
deployment architectures suiting screen-based and API trading requirements.

FrontPrice distributes fast, reliable real-time market
data to clients and/or trading gateway.

FrontRunner API is a single interface designed for
integrating custom client solutions with the FrontRunner trading infrastructure


Object Trading offers follow-the-sun 24×5.5 telephone support across
three tiers; software only, software as a service and platform as a service.

Future plans

Object Trading updates its software as exchanges
make upgrades to their offerings and change their system interfaces, ensuring
users do not need to make continual technical investments to maintain