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Via its Enterprise solution, Portware offers a full suite of pre- and post-trade TCA tools and services, allowing users to compare execution results by model, broker, destination, sector, trader, portfolio manager or any other grouping criteria against pre-defined benchmarks in real-time. The firm has also integrated with numerous pre- and post-trade TCA services from brokers and independent analytics providers. Portware users can view and act on all of these services directly within Portware Enterprise’s trading blotters. All transaction data within Portware’s trading blotters is captured for analysis, and includes all relevant data points and execution information at both the portfolio and single-stock level. Portware’s new FX TCA and post trade analytics package, FX Liquidity Monitor, enables clients to benchmark their strategy’s performance and the performance of their liquidity providers against any number of absolute or calculated data points.

Asset classes and markets

Portware Enterprise offers transaction cost analytics for global equities, FX and listed derivatives.


Portware Enterprise’s TCA offering includes a range of standard benchmarks, including VWAP, interval VWAP, arrival price, previous close, open, as well as any user-defined data points, strike prices or calculated benchmarks.

Reporting options

End-of-day and historical TCA results can be exported via any number of file formats, either at pre-set intervals or on an as-needed basis.

Consultancy services

Portware works closely with all clients to optimise and enhance their TCA implementations.

Pre-trade analysis

Portware has integrated numerous pre-trade TCA services from brokers and independent analytics providers into its system. Traders can view both singlestock and portfolio level TCA from multiple providers directly within the Portware Enterprise trading environment.

Future plans

Portware is continually developing and enhancing its TCA services, with a particular focus on portfolio level analytics, including basket/ portfolio level trade scheduling and optimisation models.