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Alpha Vision is a predictive analytic and algorithmic optimisation technology that uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to automatically select and implement the optimal execution strategy. The system automates the entire process of analysing orders, monitoring market conditions, selecting the appropriate algorithmic strategy and implementing the optimal execution schedule all in real-time. An actionable transaction cost analysis (TCA) service is built into Alpha Vision.

Asset classes and markets

The service is currently available in the US equity
market. Europe will be rolled out in early 2014 and Asia in the second half of

Transaction data

Alpha Vision has no maximum limit of data range but
prefers to have a minimum of two years’ worth.


Portware offers any benchmark the client would have
interest in analysing. Off-the-shelf benchmarks include arrival price, IVWAP,
AVWAP, PWP 5, 10, 15. The service also offers an internally developed MAC
post-trade benchmark.

Reporting options

The client can generate reports over a requested
date range with summarised automated reports generated daily and monthly.
Reporting can be done via a file format, email, etc. File format can be
generated in excel, word, Adobe, and more. The level of detail includes shares,
arrival time, execution time, impact versus customised or generic benchmarks.

Consultancy services

Portware offers a full consultancy program on
transaction cost analysis (TCA), optimised execution strategy and actionable
TCA. It also provides alpha profiling services to better understand trade
execution scheduling both on a firm or portfolio manager basis.

Pre-trade analysis

Alpha Vision features in-depth pre-trade factor
analysis of orders to ascertain probability of alpha which results in an
optimised strategy recommendation.

Future plans

Future TCA product evolution will take place in asset classes such as FX and derivatives. Additionally, the firm plans to offer more products in regard to basket TCA analytics.