The Tradetech Daily



Service overview

electronic sales trading desk offers clients thebenefits of a high-touch 
service in
a low-touch environment, operating as a segregated unit to avoid information
leakage and guarantee client anonymity.

electronic trading deskprovides benchmarking,strategy selection,technology 
queries and
client customisation.

algorithmic strategiesare the product of the firm’squant team, which has a wide
and varied background, boasting numerous PhDs, with experience in proprietary trading,
high-frequency modelling and the defence industry. The quant team is constantly
reviewing, customising and developing the electronic product offering to fine
tune performance and provide clients with a toolkit 
to individual specifications.

Research and analytics

provides research at stock, sector and macro level, augmented by analysis conducted
by the electronic trading team into execution specifics and market behaviour.
Examples of recent papers include the relationship between auction volumes and volatility,
increase in trading costs during times of volatility, and market impact in
continuous trading versus the opening and closing auctions.

Quarts system provides clients with a flexible post-trade analytics system with
a database of over 100 different benchmarks that can be used
to create
individually designed post-trade reports.


strategies are designed to be customisable, from client input defaults to
modular behaviour that can be built for an individual requirement, through to
the ability to match client trading profiles.


Client support

Support is
provided by RBS technology teams who are divided into two main areas –
connectivity and algorithmic development/strategy. Both teams areavailable
to clients as required as well as the E-sales trading desk. The quant team and
E-sales trading desk sit under the same management structure and work very
closely together to combine the statistical and analytical theory with the
reality of trading in different market conditions and trading styles.