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Redline Trading Solutions

Redline Trading Solutions

Redline’s Order Execution Gateway interfaces with clients’ smart order routers (SOR) to enhance execution by providing sponsored access, minimising latency and providing pre-trade checks. It forms orders for the selected venue, implements pre-trade risk checks, and delivers these orders ahead of market shifts. It is supported by Redline’s InRush ticker plant that provides ultra low-latency market data from direct feeds.

Key features

The Order Execution Gateway supports all order
types required by customers’ SOR for the various venues Redline supports. It
enables order routing decisions to be made on market data in as little as five
microseconds from receipt of the market data.

Redline ensures the integrity of market data coming into
the SOR by performing automatic source substitution on market data failures,
detecting and correcting locked and crossed orders, recovering from exchange
gaps intraday, and issuing alerts upon data loss from any source.


The firm’s InRush API delivers a single view of
liquidity from both direct exchange feeds and consolidated feeds at low
latency, all operating on the same server as a trading application for minimum
cost and maximum speed.

Redline’s Order Execution Gateway currently supports order
flow to over 25 global equity and derivative exchanges in the Americas, Europe
and Asia and over 35 global foreign exchange liquidity providers. Additional
destinations are supported upon customer requests. 


Redline provides public benchmark reports and work
with customers to support custom benchmarks measuring specific areas of
performance. Redline’s order management interface provides an interactive view
into the status of each order, the aggregate position, fill rates, and a full
transaction history.

Future plans

Redline continue to enhance its solutions and expand its global coverage.