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RTS Realtime Systems

RTS Realtime Systems

RTS Realtime Systems (RTS) provides core market data services that offer direct exchange connections and direct market access to more than 80 exchanges, globally. This includes complete market depth for the contracts tradable on different exchanges.


RTS’ market data operates on a fixed price. This
means through one connection, firms can connect to all exchange variants under
a standard exchange and can use different exchange options through one single
point of access.



Clients are able to configure the frequency,
quantity and format of the data they receive through RTS. The firm’s software
also allows clients to simulate their trading activity to check their
strategies and execution logic using production data.


RTS software provides built-in analytics and also
the ability to customise the features that generate these metrics, based on
users’ strategies. These tools range from charts and built-in indicators to
complex event processing modules, which facilitate effective decision-making.



RTS offers the ability to see aggregated and
non-aggregated books, an aggregation engine for different markets and smart
order routing features to help clients search for liquidity.

Several features are available for this, including access
to historical and live data with the complete databases on contract
information, such as contract identifiers and sizes. Data-checking tools to
validate the accuracy of the data are also available.

Future plans

RTS continuously seeks to improve its offerings for
clients. Future market data developments include expanding direct market
connectivity for more exchanges and offering more services with a focus on
resolution options for historical market data via RTS platforms.