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Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Delayed data from SGX SecuritiesBook, SGX DerivativesQuote and SGXNews are available for free to clients.
SGX also offers a range of real-time and historical market data products for investors, professionals and the media.
SGX Securities Market Direct Feed is a low-latency feed for the securities market that connects directly to SGX's securities trading engine to ensure high-speed delivery of full market depth data.
SGX SecuritiesBook offers real-time market data for SGX-listed equities, warrants and structured warrants, bonds and exchange-traded funds. Subscription plans include basic level one data and full market depth (level two).
SGX DerivativesQuote provides real-time data for popular contracts such as Nikkei, MSCI Taiwan, MSCI Singapore and CNX Nifty (India).
SGXNews delivers comprehensive real-time company announcements from all SGX-listed companies and product issuers based on 20 categories. The index values of the STI and FTSE ST suite of indices are offered through third-party vendor terminals.
Historical data includes a range of trade and market information on Singapore's securities and derivatives markets.

Fee structure

SGX charges for its real-time
and historical market data
products. For real-time data,
SGX charges a fixed licensing
fee for redistribution along
with an end user subscription
A separate fee applies for
the usage of SGX licensed
data for customised products
and redistribution of delayed


SGX does not provide any
analytical tools. Institutions
that want to redistribute SGX
data to an external party
must obtain a licensing
agreement with SGX.
Authorised licensees have the
ability to disseminate SGX
data through their own
distribution channels for
integration with their own
applications and analytical

Delivery channels

SGX offers direct
connectivity to its data
platform via SGX Managed
Network Services using the
MPLS network solution or
through international
network connectivity vendors
for data feed products. Data
products are also available via
third-party information


SGX uses an open platform
for direct connectivity, access
to documentation and has a
team of support staff.

Future plans

SGX plans to expand its lowlatency
data offering as well
as enhance its current
securities and derivatives data