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SS&C Technologies

SS&C offers a complete OMS/EMS solution on ASP basis. Antares OMS is an ASP-based trade order management system that enables firms to manage & monitor their positions across multiple portfolios and multiple trading desks within a single application.


Inherently multi-asset and multi-currency, Antares supports all and any security types. The system includes pre- and post-trade compliance, integrated customisable portfolio modeling with “what-if” analysis, P&L reporting, and integrated allocation capability. The systems currently support FIX v. 4.0 – 4.2 (up to 5.0 on the FIX network level, e.g. for ASIC short sell position reporting). Antares FIX Gateway allows integrating third-party EMSs with Antares via FIX.

Market data

SS&C utilises IDC as its market data provider.

Routing and trading venues

Antares OMS is integrated with SS&C MarketTrader (Antares Trader), a multi-broker equity and options EMS. This customisable system with real-time market data, list trading, and built-in broker algorithms is ASP-based and provides access to hundreds of brokers worldwide via SS&C’s global FIX network, FIXLink. SS&C MarkerTrader includes real-time trading P&L monitoring and broker commission tracking.

SS&C MarketTrader can be integrated with in-house or third-party smart-order routers. SS&C MarketTrader offers both basic built-in algo-type rules (TWAP/VWAP) and embedded algorithmic strategies from 16 brokers; typical lead time for onboarding/updating algorithms is three weeks.

Antares Heatmaps, a visualisation tool for hands-on risk management, automatically obtains holdings information from the Antares database and provides users with current market values, profit & loss and fund impact information – in real-time. Antares supports a complete straight-through integration with portfolio accounting systems, both SS&C and thirdparty providers, and can be supplemented with SS&C Debt & Derivatives system for complex calculations and contract management.