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SunGard – Valdi EMS

SunGard - Valdi EMS

SunGard's Valdi EMS supports trading of listed equities and derivatives globally, both direct to markets and via brokers. it supports the full range of trading functionality for each market and includes integrated real-time market data delivery.

The customer base is global and made up of both direct customers, typically with multiple broker connection, and groupd sponsored by individual brokers.

Sourcing options

Valdi EMS installs can be managed by SunGard or the sponsoring broker.

Counterparty connectivity

The SunGard Global Network is the primary connectivity medium, providing links to more than 500 brokers who offer trading service on over 120 markets worldwide, most commonly through direct market access.

Valsi EMS can be integrated with the Valdi order management system to perform order staging.

Several brokers’ algo suites have been integrated with Valdi EMS and using the dynamic XML definition files, onboarding for a new broker takes a week or less, and updates are completed overnight.

Asset classes

The systems offers coverage for all listed asset classes across equities, derivatives and fixed income.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Valdi EMS can be combined with SunGard’s MarketMap to carry out pre-trade analysis on market data, and its Program Trader application includes transaction cost research capability.

Future plans

SunGard are planning several improvements to order workflows and further enhancements to multi-broker management.