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SunGard Trading offers a suite of global solutions and services delivering electronic trading and position control across multiple asset classes, markets and business lines, integrating its global connectivity and network with sales and distribution, trading, market making and risk management, settlement and accounting.


SunGard offers a fully cross-asset (OTC and listed
derivatives), cross-market order and execution management solution with
advanced trading, position and risk management capabilities, and a local presence
in 25 local offices spanning EMEA, APAC and the Americas. SunGard provides
enterprise gateways to 160+ markets globally, including 75+ derivatives trading
venues, and hosted ASP access to 110+ markets, providing both trade order
routing and exchange market data services, and connecting to local points of

Risk management

A pre-trade risk engine provides low latency
intervention on orders, providing 80+ validations, including checks on clients,
instruments and traders across a range of criteria. It includes flexible risk
methodology for pre-trade analysis of credit and margin requirements, and
powerful post-trade analysis including SPAN, VAR and custom models.


SunGard offers three support options, including:
ASP, with software deployed as a service in the cloud; hosted enterprise, with
dedicated software and hardware adapted and configured to the customer’s
specific needs, hosted at SunGard centres and operated by dedicated teams of
operations/support staff; and managed enterprise, in which software and
hardware is installed on the customer’s premises but fully managed by a
dedicated team of SunGard operations/support staff. Hosted enterprise also
includes the option for co-location services, available for some exchanges.

Future plans

The firm is developing Front Arena Cross-Asset Risk, which offers real-time, multi-asset risk and position management across multiple markets on one platform.