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The TORA Order and Execution Management System (OEMS) delivers global trading connectivity, compliance functionality, unrivaled flexibility in supporting different order and execution management workflows and no-cost integrations with your fund’s existing technology.


TORA’s OEMS supports multiple asset classes from
listed equities and derivatives, to warrants, convertible bonds, FX, and
synthetic products. TORA is connected to over 700 brokers across global markets
with DMA, algo and discretionary order types.


TORA’s OEMS combines the speed, reliability and
ease of use of an EMS with the critical OMS functions that clients need:
allocations, commission management, compliance, reporting, rebalancing,
position and NAV-based orders. The TORA OEMS is easily configured during
implementation to integrate these critical functions into existing workflows,
allowing teams to focus on performance instead of managing software.

PM tools

Portfolio managers can easily build any view of
their fund’s exposures and just as quickly take action via rebalancing, NAV or
position-based orders, which can be sent directly to brokers or staged to a
central internal trading desk. All orders at all stages are processed by
allocations and compliance engines to ensure adherence to fund rules.