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TradingScreen offers a fully transparent, broker-neutral multi-asset class TCA service to institutions worldwide. The firm claims to have one of the largest universes of equity transactions, including the largest independent database of algorithmic and program trades. Data can be provided in any format and delivered electronically. Analysis can be provided at the account, parent and child order and execution fill level as required. All major OMS/EMS vendor systems provide standard extracts suitable for use.

Asset classes and markets

TCA-in-a-box covers global equities, foreign exchange, futures and fixed income securities. Clients are based in all major geographic regions and include traditional and alternative asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and insurance companies.


TradingScreen offers an array of implementation shortfall, market impact, point-in-time and participation benchmarks as well as hybrid, reversion and opportunity cost measures. Custom benchmarks have also been created for some clients based on their own preferences in terms of methodology and market data.

Reporting options

Reports may be received as datasets, hard copy reports or via the TradingScreen online reporting tool.

Consultancy services

The firm offers a range of execution consulting services to allow clients to better understand the effect of different elements of their investment and trading style on execution results and costs. It also provides data to support analysis by third-party consultants where preferred.

Pre-trade analysis

TradingScreen makes available all major investment bank pre-trade cost estimation tools, which can be used as a basis for execution performance analysis.

Future plans

The firm is working directly with major buy-side clients to enhance and refine methodologies and presentation in relation to all non-equity TCA services. TradingScreen is also working with leading sell-side firms to improve the transparency and consistency of analysis and data within the industry promoting an ‘Open TCA’ approach to analysis.