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TradingScreen — TradeFI

TradingScreen — TradeFI

TradeFI is the fixed income trading module of TradingScreen’s TradeSmart execution management system. TradeFI lets users trade sovereign debt (including US Treasuries), investment grade corporate bonds, high-yield corporate bonds, agency, as well as interest rate swaps and credit default swaps or money market.


There are multiple ways to access fixed income
liquidity through TradingScreen. Clients can trade through TradeSmart, through
dedicated lines, the Internet or via an extranet. Clients can also access
TradeFI directly from their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Also, clients can
trade over TradeAPI, a light client application programming interface, which
runs locally on the user’s desktop and connects to TradingScreen’s globally
distributed network of brokers, dealers and exchanges without any
implementation, data mapping or FIX programming.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

TradingScreen offers post- and real-time
transaction cost analysis for fixed income. The trading platform displays
available OTC quotations and Galaxy European Consolidated Order Book.
TradingScreen also provides a comprehensive rule-based solution for controlling
risk when trading fixed income.


TradingScreen’s breakdown of clients by firm type
are, 43% hedge funds, 30% asset managers, 12% sales trading desks, 10% private
banks and 5% prop trading desks. By geography, 33% are North America-based, 38%
EMEA, 28% Asia-Pacific and 2% Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Future plans

Future developments may include adding other bonds
to the platform both in terms of bond type and other currency denominations.