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TradingScreen – TradeFX

TradingScreen – TradeFX

Key functionality

TradeFX simplifies access to the FX marketplace
using advanced software-as-a-service technology.

In a single window/application programming interface, the
buy-side trader can access the entire liquidity available using a streaming,
request for quote, order-book or algorithmic model.

TradeFX also allows the buy-side trader to dynamically
hedge secondary FX exposure generated by multi-asset class / multi-broker
trading within the platform. TradingScreen also offers a flexible range of
execution management interfaces and instantaneous deployment capabilities.

Market coverage

TradeFX covers spot, forwards, swaps,
non-deliverable forwards, options and precious metals. It also supports
multiple order types, including resting, market & limit orders, icebergs,
and market-pegged orders.

Customer support

A 24-hour, six-day-a-week customer support team handles all questions,
while providing regional insights into local market practices


TradingScreen is highly customisable, allowing
end-users to alter layout and interface to accommodate their personal trading