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TradingScreen – TradePrime

TradingScreen – TradePrime

The TradePrime order management system (OMS) includes all the key workflows an alternative asset manager requires into a single platform, delivered via a software-as-a-service model – from position collection, to risk, pricing and compliance services. It allows users to trade equities, futures, options, FX and fixed income on a single platform.

TradingScreen operates a 24-hour, 6-day-a-week customer support team handling all questions, while providing regional insights into local market practices.


TradePrime integrates the TradeSmart execution
management system (EMS), so includes the full functionality of an EMS.


The OMS’s product master is maintained by TradingScreen, meaning that
any product on any exchange, plus fixed income and FX products, are instantly
available to trade


TradePrime has pre- and post-trade compliance
limits via its ‘BuySide Monitoring Window’.  TradingScreen has a
web-reporting portal for on-demand canned reports, and it is also able to
provide customised reporting delivered via FTP or email. The OMS handles
pre-trade allocations templates and post-trade allocation, including
multi-broker best fit for derivatives.  The fee centre caters for the
application of commissions to trades, and these are tracked in the OMS.

PM tools

available for portfolio managers include real-time in-memory global position
keeping, multi-inventory models for realised and unrealised profit and loss, a
multi-prime reporting package, risk measurement based on multiple models,
automatic rebalancing, end of day (EOD) pricing service, start of day and EOD
prime broker service.