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TradingScreen —TradeSmart

TradingScreen —TradeSmart

TradeSmart offers a customisable graphical user interface to trade multiple asset classes around the clock and on any market globally, with a wide range of counterparties. The system offers a multi-broker, multi-asset (listed and OTC) system with a single-screen format for electronic order routing. Asset classes covered include equities, futures, options, warrants, commodities, fixed income and FX, including forwards, currency swaps, and exchange-traded convertible bonds.

TradeSmart supports order management systems (OMSs) with features including basket trading, pre-trade and real-time transaction cost analysis (TCA), analytics, allocations, positions and P&L tracking. TradeSmart connects to all leading portfolio management systems and OMSs.


Almost a third of TradingScreen clients are in
Asia. Customers comprise hedge funds, wealth management firms, pension funds
and asset managers.

Connectivity and functionality

TradingScreen connects to all Asia trading venues
through global and regional brokers, including local market specialists – all
via multiple Asia data centres. TradingScreen covers all exchanges and
alternative lit and dark venues and offers direct connectivity to Asian
markets. TradeSmart integrates seamlessly with all major OMSs, including
TradingScreen’s TradeOMS.

TradingScreen has
client service and development staff who understand local trading requirements
and have fluency in local languages based in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and

Sourcing options

TradeSmart’s is offered via a Software-as-a-service

Pre- and post-trade analytics

TradingScreen provides pre-, real-time, and post-trade TCA across multiple asset classes and uses multiple data types to provide complete execution reviews.