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Tullett Prebon

Tullett Prebon

tpSEF Inc. 101 Hudson Street Jersey City, NJEmail: info@tpsef.comTel: +1 201 557 5599

Tullett Prebon’s SEF, tpSEF, provides swap execution services in the five major asset classes via electronic trading platforms and voice request-for-quote (RFQ).


tpSEF supports a
variety of instrument types in the five asset classes all of which are listed
on Tullett Prebon website. The SEF supports order book and voice RFQ for
required transactions, and various execution methods for permitted transactions.
Transaction execution is fully explained in tpSEF’s rulebook under Section
4,000. Currently, Tullett Prebon has no made available to trade submissions.
tpSEF intends to make whatever submissions are necessary based upon Commodity
Futures Trading Commission guidance/approval of current MAT submissions made by
other SEFs.


To be eligible for admission as a participant, an
entity must be either an eligible contract participant and satisfy the
participation criteria set forth in tpSEF Rule 3,000 or be an independent
software vendor. The SEF is suitable for any participant who wishes to transact
within tpSEF’s listed instrument liquidity pool.


All tpSEF volumes are submitted to the swap data
repositories for reporting and are publically available. tpSEF expects to amend
its fee schedule to provide for some form of liquidity provider status and will
notify participants of any such changes once made.


Tullett Prebon currently provides tpMATCH bulk risk
mitigation for forward rate agreements and non-deliverable forwards.