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UBS portfolio trading in Asia Pacific is comprised of three local teams in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney, who work closely with their global counterparts and network of regional offices. UBS offers access to all major markets globally and across the region.
UBS sales traders leverage their knowledge of local market structure and flows as well as UBS’s algorithmic trading strategies and technology infrastructure to deliver solutions tailored to each trade. The firm also offers pre- and post-trade analytics, as well as quantitative and index research.

Liquidity access

UBS portfolio trading provides access to the firm’s global liquidity network, including all major exchanges and a wide array of alternative trading venues, as well as the internal crossing network UBS PIN. As a global, full service investment bank, UBS’s flows reflect a diverse client base and a wide range of trading mandates, objectives and benchmarks.

Client coverage

UBS provides trading services to a variety of active, quant, index, hedge funds and transition managers for a broad range of order types from standard inflow, outflow and rebalance trades to more complex cross-product baskets which may require intra and inter-regional coordination.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

UBS Fusion, the company’s web-based analytics platform, offers a full suite of interactive pre-trade analytics, trade monitoring and post-trade and TCA reports. In addition, UBS provides a range of market microstructure, index analysis and quantitative reports and trading studies.

Future plans

UBS plans to introduce exchange-traded fund-specific analytics, a custom basket builder tool and beta selector functionality that will enable clients and UBS sales teams to fully analyse cost differences across products. In addition, UBS is constantly updating and optimising its trading tools and execution strategies to further minimise clients’ delta to the market.