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UBS Fusion provides historical and real-time TCA and strategy performance reporting, as well as access to other pre- and post-trading intelligence. Real-time TCA includes: pre-trade transaction cost analysis for portfolio and single stock trading; post-trade end of day reports; and in-depth analysis by symbol, strategy and venue.

Asset classes and markets

UBS Fusion covers equities and ETF orders, and is available for all markets in which the firm offers algorithmic trading and direct market access across the Americas, EMEA and Asia- Pacific.


UBS Fusion offers a range of benchmarks including: arrival price, VWAP, previous close, today’s open, today’s close and a variety of reversion benchmarks that measure market prices after the order is completed.

Reporting options

UBS supplies comprehensive post-trade TCA reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or any another preferred time frame. The reports include a granular breakdown of execution venues and performance statistics. Algorithmic and quantitative trading specialists are available to perform bespoke analysis. Reports include all the information available via Fusion online, including crossing and volume statistics, order performance versus a range of benchmarks, and breakdowns by liquidity, market cap and execution venue.

Consultancy services

Algorithmic orders are backed by the support of regional experts able to proactively or responsively deliver an execution consulting service. This service can recommend the use of new markets or venues, or help clients replicate the style of a domestic algorithm in a foreign market, for example.

Pre-trade analysis

UBS Fusion includes pre-trade analytics for both single-stock and portfolio orders. Metrics measuring expected market impact, as well as risk and liquidity analysis are provided.

Future plans

UBS plans to expand the universe of benchmarks used for post-trade analysis. It is also extending reporting capabilities to cover all relevant global activity in a single view. For portfolio traders, UBS will be enhancing its ability to integrate information pre-, post- and real-time, and plans to introduce a post-trade analysis tool.