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ULLINK offers an EMS system called UL DESK. UL Trader is the firm’s EMS screen that enables a user to execute orders as well as manage care orders. There are multiple front-end extensions for sales and trading; pre-trade risk management and business monitoring. In addition, UL Trader is algorithm-enabled and can be used across asset classes.


ULLINK supports all versions of FIX from 4.0 to 5.0. The company’s UL ALGO provides simple execution algorithms such as timed orders, stop/IT, spread, contingent orders, best execution, peg, trailing stop, ghost, participate, TWAP and VWAP. ULLINK also provides a framework server for algorithm development. In addition, the UL TRADER front end is integrated to external broker algorithms like Credit Suisse and ITG.

Market data

ULLINK is integrated with market data from Quanthouse, ActivFinancial, Interactive Data, Wombat, Bloomberg, Reuters and Sungard.

Routing and trading venues

In Asia, ULLINK is connected to the ASX, HKFE, HKSE, KRX, OSE, SGX and TSE. In addition, the firm’s EMS can connect to all the major exchanges through the participating brokers.

The company also offers a smart order router called UL SMART. With UL SMART’s user interface, clients can create best execution policies that fit their needs.

Future updates

ULLINK plans to increase the amount of direct market access to Asian markets such as SFE, TOCOM, and other markets upon business requests.