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Vega-Chi Limited — Vega-Chi

Vega-Chi Limited — Vega-Chi

Vega-Chi is a buy-side-to-buy-side multilateral trading facility (MTF). Instruments traded on the platform include European high yield and subordinated financial bonds, US high yield and subordinated financial bonds and European and Asian convertible bonds.


Vega-Chi provides its client trading interface to
all participants free of charge. In addition participants can access the
Vega-Chi MTF via FIX connectivity, the Vega-Chi .NET framework API or the
Vega-Chi Excel Add-in.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Vega-Chi provides full pre-trade and post-trade
transparency in all its markets. In addition, for US high yield bonds it
provides full TRACE real-time analytics.


Participants can be broken down as approximately
50% representing real money clients and 50% hedge funds. In terms of geography,
35% are UK-based, 30% from the US, 15% from France, 10% from Switzerland and
10% from other parts of Europe.