Interxion/Deutsche Börse, Nasdaq OMX, SunGard and more…

Interxion, a provider of data centre services, will supply its customers with direct, redundant access to the trading systems of Deutsche Börse Group.
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Interxion provides access to Deutsche Börse and Burgundy

Interxion, a provider of data centre services, will supply its customers with direct, redundant access to the trading systems of Deutsche Börse Group.

Connections are available at Interxion's Frankfurt data centre campus, through any of the following interfaces: virtual access link using exchange services application programming interface, standardised open interface, enhanced broadcast solution, enhanced trading solution, enhanced confirmation solution and new FIX-interfaces that are expected to be available shortly.

The Deutsche Börse multi-member access point at Interxion will enable connected members to reduce complexity within their own infrastructure, as Interxion is responsible for access management.

Direct cross-connects within Interxion data centres allow customers to reduce the latency, cost and complexity of connecting with counterparties while letting them change trading strategies when required.

Meanwhile, Burgundy, a trading platform for Nordic securities, has gone live at Interxion's Nordic financial hub in Stockholm.

Investment and trading firms are now able to cross-connect to Burgundy's matching engines by co-locating their trading systems at Interxion's Stockholm data centre. This will allow market participants to cost-effectively connect to Burgundy at ultra-low latency.

“A significant proportion of Nordic trading is currently being conducted outside the region, so there is a clear need for co-location and proximity services. Interxion has the infrastructure, the connectivity and the expertise to provide a turnkey solution to our customers,” said Olof Neiglick, Burgundy's CEO.

Interxion also offers co-location to liquidity venues such as Equiduct, Quote MTF, Plus Markets and Nordic Derivatives Exchange, and proximity hosting to NYSE Euronext, Bolsa de Madrid and SIX Swiss Exchange.

QuantHouse extends low-latency link to Sweden

Market data and trading solutions provider QuantHouse has extended its QuantLINK proprietary fibre optic network into the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange data centre in Sweden.

The new service gives clients based in Sweden access to the European and US low-latency offering from QuantHouse while global clients can benefit from a more optimised Nasdaq OMX Nordic data feed and order routing service.

“Clients now have the chance to leverage QuantHouse low-latency market data and order routing services through our less than 12 millisecond fibre connection from London to the Nasdaq data centre in Sweden,” said Pierre Feligioni, CEO and co-founder at QuantHouse. “We already have clients using our co-location services in order to optimise the trading performance of their algos.”

Nasdaq OMX offers data via FactSet Systems

Exchange group Nasdaq OMX has made its real-time quote and trade data service Nasdaq Basic available to customers of financial information services provider FactSet Research Systems.

Nasdaq Basic is designed to provide customers with real-time quote and trade data for all US exchange-listed securities. The Nasdaq Basic data includes securities listed on Nasdaq, NYSE and NYSE Amex exchanges, based on liquidity from the Nasdaq Market Centre and the FINRA/Nasdaq Trade Reporting Facility. FactSet's users will also receive data from two other Nasdaq trading venues, Nasdaq OMX BX and Nasdaq OMX PSX.

“Nasdaq Basic enables us to provide our clients with real-time, equity data at a significantly lower cost,” said Goran Skoko, director of development, research and market data, FactSet Research Systems.

Corvil and ITRS boost latency monitoring

Kyte Group, an independent futures commission merchant which provides clearing services, risk management, financing and DMA to sell-side firms, proprietary trading desks, market makers and hedge funds, has launched ITRS Geneos Feed Latency Monitor (FLM) to alert and identify delays or gaps in the exchange feeds coming into its trading systems. Traders in more than 60 offices across 10 countries around the world use Kyte’s services.

The Geneos FLM allows Kyte to measure the feed latency on trading platforms globally by calculating the relative latency between a consolidated reference feed and the incoming direct exchange feeds used in multiple trading platforms. The data from Geneos FLM alerts Kyte to market data integrity issues, while the ability to analyse market data flow and identify bottlenecks and latency means Kyte can quickly addresses any price latency concerns for traders, freeing operations staff for other tasks.

Separately, SIX Swiss Exchange is using technology supplier Corvil's Latency Management System for full latency monitoring of service provider performance, client order flow and analysis of market data quality.

The CorvilNet solution enables SIX Swiss Exchange to validate the latency performance of co-location providers and service provider links for market participants. At the application level CorvilNet is being used to report on the execution speed of customer order flow, including trade-to-tick and order-to-acknowledgement. Market data quality is also being monitored, including gap detection analysis. As part of the deployment, Corvil delivered decoders for the exchange's proprietary Market Data Interface feed, Standard Trading Interface feed and Capacity Trading Interface feed.

SunGard and Interactive Data build valuation offerings

Trading system provider SunGard has acquired ValueLink Information Services, a supplier of validated financial data solutions.

The acquisition will extend SunGard's Asset Arena suite of investment management solutions to include validation of security pricing and corporate actions data in support of fund valuation and operational reporting processes.

The acquisition, the terms of which were not disclosed, is not expected to have a material impact on SunGard's financial results.

ValueLink's core service offerings help reduce the risk and increase the efficiency involved in the pricing of securities and investment funds.

Using a managed data service model, ValueLink collects and consolidates pricing and corporate actions data from numerous sources, and performs six levels of quality checking, including inter-vendor and client-specific price analyses.

Investment managers and fund administrators use the resulting validated data to help meet their requirements for data transparency, operational efficiency and valuation accuracy.

The services delivered by ValueLink complement SunGard's Asset Arena, which provides accounting and operational support for mutual funds worldwide.

Meanwhile Interactive Data, a provider of financial market data and analytics has launched the Real-Time Fair Value Information Service.

The new service, which will be available in the second quarter of 2011, will provide real-time evaluated prices for more than 15,000 international equities throughout the trading day.

These streaming evaluated prices reflect an independent opinion of international equity prices that would likely prevail following the close of local markets.

The Real-Time Fair Value Information Service will also be offered as a premium input to the Company's Basket Calculation Service which provides intraday indicative values (IIVs) for exchange-traded structures and values for market indices. This will enable ETF sponsors and index providers to provide fair value adjusted IIVs throughout the day to the investment community.

Other market participants, including market makers, authorised participants and traders, can use real-time fair value information as an additional reference point to form their opinions of value and support trading activity, the creation/redemption decision-making process, and risk management.

Orange Business partners with Mexican consultancy firm, Praxis

Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions, a trading infrastructure and services provider, has partnered with Praxis, a Mexican company providing consultancy integration and development of Trading Solutions' products and services in Mexico. The partnership will provide new business opportunities for Trading Solutions as it further develops its presence in North America.

The first short-term goal of the partnership is to drive new customer implementations of Trading Solutions' products in Mexico City where Praxis is headquartered and the majority of its financial clients are located. Praxis, which already has access to 35% of financial institutions within Mexico, will also provide customers with locally-based support contacts should they require assistance. In 2011, Praxis is extending this service to deliver Trading Solutions' products through its offices in Monterrey, Mexico's second largest city.

Tbricks launches ETF support

Tbricks, the trading systems provider, has launched Tbricks ETF Trading to facilitate trading, pricing, market-making, basket hedging and currency hedging in exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Designed specifically to meet the needs of ETF market-makers and ETF traders requiring automated hedging, Tbricks ETF Trading uses the firm’s server-based cluster architecture, which combines low latency with front-end and server configurability.

For market makers, Tbricks ETF Trading supports advanced quoting logic with automatic hedging of the underlying basket or future, advanced portfolio management for basket residuals and automated basket management and it has been built for multiple co-location using native exchange connectivity to meet the needs of arbitrageurs.

Tbricks ETF Trading also supports delta hedging on portfolios, and offers flexible hedging of baskets and futures. Its approach ensures easy tracking of non-filled hedges and supports manual intervention where required.