ITG’s head of market structure departs

Jamie Selway leaves ITG after nearly eight years with the agency broker.

The head of market structure at agency broker ITG has left the firm after almost eight years, according to a regulatory filing published last week.

The filing said that Jamie Selway and ITG had agreed on his departure at the end of February, although both parties are currently discussing the final terms of the agreement.

He confirmed the move on Twitter on Friday, stating: “I leave with my heart full and head held high.

“I am particularly grateful for my partners, who globalised POSIT Alert, revitalised our algorithms, created a multi-asset strategy, and helped the company through challenging times.”

Selway first joined ITG in 2010, working in various senior positions including head of US execution services in New York. Prior to ITG, he worked on the exchange board as a director at Bats Global Markets.

He has also worked at the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the predecessor to the Financial Industry Regualtory Authority (FINRA) as an associate research director, before joining Goldman Sachs in 1999 as an associate.