Kepler Cheuvreux links up with SLS

Kepler Cheuvreux has connected to SLS – the service of the SIX Swiss Exchange and Liquidnet.

Kepler Cheuvreux is hoping to reduce market impact and expand options for executing larger sized trades by joining a new trading venue.

It was announced today that the group has connected to SLS – the service of the SIX Swiss Exchange and Liquidnet - which connects users to over 780 buy-side institutions.

It means Kepler has access to the community of buy-siders trading large, mid and small-cap stocks across Europe.

Global head of electronic execution services at Kepler Cheuvreux, Thomas Biotteau, said the connection is “part of our liquidity strategy.”

He added: “Both traders and algorithms will be sourcing liquidity in this pool for larger size and reduced market impact.”

Rabobank recently invested Kepler Cheuvreux, taking a 5% stake, which will see the Dutch bank pull out of providing brokerage services. 

The partnership is set to combine Rabobank’s equities capital markets team with Kepler Cheuvreux’s sales, sales trading and research team in Europe.

SLS claims to give users access “genuine block liquidity with unrivalled average execution size providing maximum price improvement and minimal market impact.”