LMAX Exchange deploys Metamako’s matching engine monitoring

Metamako’s matching engine monitoring chosen by LMAX Exchange amid system revamp.

LMAX Exchange has opted for Metamako’s matching engine monitoring technology amid a redesign of its existing system to monitor foreign exchange data.

The implementation will allow the FX multilateral trading facility to monitor, broadcast and replicate data feeds.

Head of networks and security at LMAX Exchange, Ralf Duken, explained the firm looked at several network device providers, but Metamako could offer “significant improvement” to its existing system.

He said the advantages of using Metamako include “dynamic patching, increased network visibility, more accurate timestamps and a simplified network environment with less cabling.”

Dave Snowdon, CTO at Metamako, added that the technology will allow LMAX to configure their systems remotely from any location.

“This means that they will be more responsive to customer demands, as nodes can be added from anywhere, and reduces the errors which might be introduced through physical rewiring,” he added.