Major brokers bounce back in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's biggest brokerages have raised their market share during March 2013.


The biggest brokerages have raised their market share during March 2013, according to statistics from Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx).

In the ‘Stock exchange participants’ market share report’, HKEX splits its exchange participants into three segments, the top fourteen, numbers 15 to 65 and lastly, everyone else. Then, HKEx calculates how much market share each group accounts for.

In March 2013, the fourteen biggest firms accounted for between 2.12% to 7.69% individually of market turnover. Their aggregate tally was 54.94%.

Since September 2013, when the big 14 jointly accounted for 57.4% of business, the numbers for the larger participants have shown signs of slipping back.

The share for the market’s number one has been below 7% in recent months. However, HKEx does not identify the names of the companies in each segment.

Positions 15 to 65 accounted for a combined 33.59%. Everyone else amassed a total market share of 9.92%.

In January 2014, the respective market shares of the three groups were 54.3%, 33.6% and 12%,.

The average daily turnover in January 2013 was HK$ 68,525 million and in February, that figure fell to HK$ 65, 920 million.