Fixed Income

Sourcing fixed income liquidity: Strategies for a treacherous market

The TRADE spoke with a selection of fixed income participants to discuss the challenges of sourcing liquidity in today’s environment. Hear from David Berney, founder at Ergo Consultancy; David Tattan, managing director at technology provider TORA; and Daemon Bear, senior consultant, director EMEA at Baker Global Advisory, among others, offering their unique insights on how to deal with one of the thornier problems facing multi-asset- focused fund managers today.

A triangle of transparency

As the conversation around a consolidated tape for bonds heats up, Annabel Smith explores EU, UK and US plans to improve transparency regimes for fixed income.

FILS 2022 Round Up

The TRADE’s managing editor Laurie McAughtry and senior reporter Annabel Smith sit down together after a busy two days at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit 2022 to discuss the key themes of the event and key challenges facing the industry right now.