Bankia Asset Management integrates Bloomberg AIM 

Bloomberg’s AIM is a leading order management system (OMS) that is used by nearly 15,000 professionals at over 900 client firms to manage more than $17 trillion in assets. 

Human judgement still king in a world of algorithmic trades

Following extreme market conditions at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, David Whitehouse explores how algorithmic trading performed in comparison to other market-moving events, and find the human touch remains critical. 

Retail investment: A force for good or evil?

Following a surge in retail investment amid increased market volatility and the coronavirus pandemic, Annabel Smith unpacks its potential impact on institutional investors and the trading landscape. 

TRADE Talks: Bloomberg on cloud technology

The TRADE’s editorial team is back in the latest podcast episode to discuss the industry's adoption of cloud technology with head of cloud enterprise data at Bloomberg, Cory Albert.