Object Trading connects to rebuffed ASX Futures platform

Object Trading is the first to join the upgraded ASX 24 platform.

Object Trading has become the first vendor to provide direct market access to the upgraded ASX 24 (Futures) trading platform developed by Cinnober.

The new trading platform is set to go live in early 2017, with market participants of ASX 24 required to connect to a direct market access (DMA) platform.

The new ASX 24 platform introduces significant technological changes, with a new matching engine, new protocol and new interfaces.

“Exchange enhancements will continue indefinitely, and will benefit client’s businesses as long as they can keep up with an accelerating pace of technical change,” says Dan Hubscher, director of strategy, Object Trading.

“We work with exchanges like ASX to ensure a seamless connectivity experience on our DMA Platform so that our customers can do what they do best, trade.”