“They’re the perfect trader”

As the landscape of the trading world continues to change – spurred by technological advancements, geopolitical change and social pressures – so too are the traders themselves. Claudia Preece takes stock of the market’s perspectives on the adage of ‘the ideal trader,’ delving into key characteristics, both the pervasive and the fading. 

Fireside Friday with… Mobius Capital Partners’ Mark Mobius

Emerging markets expert Mark Mobius, founder of Mobius Capital Partners, sat down with The TRADE to discuss the ever-evolving EM space, delving into who the global contenders are, the importance of embracing new technologies, and what he believes makes for an optimal trading strategy.

Trading in Asia: A future outlook

Brigitte Le Bris, managing director, global head of fixed income and FX at Ostrum Asset Management, sits down with The TRADE, to unpack the wealth of opportunities Asia holds for investors, the main hurdles for trading in the region’s emerging markets, and why diversification is such a hot topic.